'The lone lizard catcher' by Sharon Wilson
'The lone lizard catcher' by Sharon Wilson
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2: The Chewstick Foundation has launched a new series of talks which gives artists the opportunity to describe the message and motivation behind their work.

The monthly event, titled the Reasnin’ Series, begins this coming Tuesday and will feature the well-known and respected Sharon Wilson.

It is hoped the events will help artists share their ideas with new audiences while “drawing a connection between visual arts and the contemporary social constructs of art”.

She will present some of her original works and then take part in an interview-style discussion led by Chewstick founder Gavin Smith.

Chewstick’s administrative officer, Deidra-Lee Bean, said: “The questions will probe into the aspects of life and work that have led to the current synthesis of Sharon’s work and dispel the illusion that art and artists are inaccessible.

“The interview will be followed by a floor talk, which will allow participants a chance to ponder what in fact art is and will give a chance to really explore the artist as a revolutionary and social commentator.”

The talks will be held on the first Tuesday of every month and are free and open to the public. They will take place at the Chewstick headquarters on the corner of Court Street and Elliot Street. They are scheduled for 6pm to 7:30pm.

For a complete schedule of artists call 292-2439 or email info@chewstick.org.