Bus drivers are continuing to strike today. *File photo
Bus drivers are continuing to strike today. *File photo
THURSDAY, FEB. 9: Buses are not running this morning as drivers are continuing to strike.

Bus drivers went on strike yesterday in support of a colleague who was fired after being caught working at another job after calling in sick.

The Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) confirmed the strike yesterday afternoon.

The fired driver has worked for the Department of Public Transportation for 18 years.

A spokesman for the Department said: “A work stoppage was imposed yesterday afternoon by the BIU after talks broke down regarding the termination of an employee of the Department of Transport.

“Disciplinary action was taken against the individual as he had called in sick three consecutive days while at the same time turning up for work in the employ of an outside vendor at a PTB depot in the evening of those same three days.

“The individual also forged the signature of that vendor for the three days.

“The individual previously had done the same thing as he worked at an outside job while being on sick leave. On that occasion the decision to terminate the individual was reduced to two weeks suspension due to his years of service.

“As this latest incident constitutes gross misconduct, management of DPT made the decision to terminate the employee.

“The Labour Office has been contacted and the matter will be turned over to the Labour Minister.”

Transport Minister Terry Lister is expected to hold a press conference today.