Should the Guantanamo Bay prison be shut down? Should innocent detainees be set free? Yes and yes. Should prisoners from Guantanamo, however innocent, be smuggled into Bermuda in total secrecy in the dead of night? Absolutely not.

It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it.

By waiting until the four Guantanamo detainees had actually landed in Bermuda before telling anyone, Premier Dr. Brown has disrespected Bermudians and forced the U.K. to choose between an unpopular action (sending them back) and a capitulative one (allowing Dr. Brown's illegal action to stand).

This is typical of Dr. Brown's style. If we look through the history of his words and actions toward the indigent, the Auditor General, taxi drivers, truckers, New York tourist office staff, civil servants, the Cabinet, the PLP backbench and party, two Governors and the people of Bermuda - all show a calculated approach of manipulation, contempt for the rules of law and ethics, repeated deceptions, and abuses of funds, authority and power.

That's what has upset Bermudians. Dr. Brown flouted local and international law and foisted four Guantanamo prisoners onto our island, on his own, without a hint of consultation or apparent concern for the repercussions. Dr. Brown wants to take Bermuda to independence; at the same time he treats Bermudians like Colonials.

Such arrogant hypocrisy.

It is this ongoing arrogance and hypocrisy, starting with the BHC controversies, that led to the protest targeting Dr. Brown as leader last Tuesday. Hundreds gathered outside the Parliament, then 'marched' to the Cabinet shouting "Brown must go, Brown must go".

The so-called counter-protest drew a "crowd" of between twenty and forty people, most of them Dr. Brown's dependents.

The most shameful aspect of the entire affair has been the orchestrated attempt by Dr. Brown and his dependents to slough off the protest as merely a racially-based attack. This attempt, using images and language of "lynching", hopes to hide three glaring realities:

1. Organisers of the protest were overwhelmingly black.

2. The victims of Dr. Brown's anti-humanitarianism (the indigent, taxi drivers, truckers, civil servants, the New York tourism office staff) are mostly black.

3. If protesters were being cast as white, then counter-protesters would most likely be black, yes? And if there was indeed a shortage of blacks in the overall turnout then it illustrates the counter-protest was a failure showing a clear lack of support for Dr. Brown among blacks (and that's why he is calling off counter-protests).

The spin on the racial makeup of the protesters is designed to confuse the ignorant. The questions they should be asking: Where was Dr. Brown's black support? If this was a pivotal moment for Dr. Brown, shouldn't his supporters - black Bermudians he supposedly saved from "the plantation" - have been out in full force?

The core issue remains. Even in this act of so-called humanitarianism, Dr Brown has managed to create an international stink, pick a fight with the Governor and the U.K. government, denigrate Parliament, irritate his own people and aggravate racial tensions.

Virtually everything he touches becomes contentious and racially divisive. He has violated the Bermuda Constitution,

"neutered" his own Cabinet, and thumbed his nose at the PLP backbench, all MPs and, through them, at the entire electorate.

You may have heard Dr. Brown bemoaning that he "has no power". Given the amount of chaos this man can cause with "no power", we would be fools to let him loose with the absolute power of independence.

Judging from the size and tenor of the protest, and the voices calling in to radio and television, Dr. Brown has finally succeeded in getting Bermudians riled up.

We now see the light: whether he intends to or not, Dr Brown is destroying Bermuda and our reputation of having democratic, ethical, law-abiding governments. No matter what he says or does anymore, we just can't trust it to be in Bermuda's interest.

We have had enough. It's time for the Doctor to depart.