*Photo by Mikaela Ian Pearman
*Photo by Mikaela Ian Pearman

Jewellery designer Alexandra Mosher now has her own store in the heart of the city — and its décor has a distinctly local flavour.

It is located in the Washington Mall, across from Treats, and the doors opened today.

The designer and artist April Branco originally shared the venue and it took two weeks for Ms Mosher to transform it into her own space.

“It is so exciting,” she told the Sun this afternoon. “If you’d asked me a year ago if I would have had my own shop, I would have said 'no'. It’s been a lot of work and so many people came and helped put it together.”

Asked how she would describe the look, Ms Mosher said: “It’s sort of a feminine and classic and organic, it’s like my jewellery basically.

“Everything in here is handmade or locally sourced. Lots of E-moo, lots of Orange Bay. I wanted the vintage look so that’s a lot of it. The finish [at the back of the store] is sort of hand plastered and sparkly.”

She continued: “I’m just really grateful for everyone who helped and I’m excited that’s it’s just in time for the season to kick in. It’s going to be a busy spring with all the Harbour Nights.

“The Washington Mall folks have been amazing with how helpful they’ve been. And the neighbouring shops have been amazing as well.

“I know I made a lot noise and kicked up a lot of dust and they have been gracious and excited and I’m just thrilled.”

The lighting for the shop came from ESC and the logo will be put up next week.

Ms Mosher will host a formal opening on Thursday evening.