Jessica Lewis *Photo supplied
Jessica Lewis *Photo supplied
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1: Bermudian Paralympian Jessica Lewis has been soaking up the atmosphere in London.

The wheelchair athlete and her coach Ken Thom visited the athletics stadium on Friday to give her an idea of the route she will take when she competes.

A message sent to the Bermuda Sun by her grandparents, Cyril and Barbara Cooper said: "Ken wants to give Jessica as much visual information as possible so she only has to focus on the race and not worry about what happens before.

"Ken and Jessica sat in the athlete’s section which is just past the finish line."

Bermuda's lone entrant to the Games also got the chance to watch some basketball as well as track and field events.

The diary update from her grandparents added: "We watched some of Jessica’s friends race from both USA and Canada.

"One of her friends Shirley from the US, was involved in a crash in the 5000m heat.  She actually fell out of her chair but managed to get back in and finish with a qualifying time for the final. Well done Shirley.

"Virginia McLaughlin from Canada won Bronze in her 200 meter race.  We watched it from our flat yelling like crazy at the TV. So exciting!"

The update added: "Tickets are very hard to get.

"Most things are completely sold out – which is wonderful, but frustrating at the same time.

"The TV coverage here is very good. We have a high definition TV in our flat, so watching events here is almost as good as being there."