*Laurie McAdam illustration MCT
*Laurie McAdam illustration MCT

When I was a kid I loved playing with my model railway kit and Scaletrix — I was lucky being the youngest of three because I inherited a lot.

I made model aeroplanes as well and played with boys’ dolls called Action Men. And, before you think I was/am some kind of nerd, I played cricket, football and rugby in the nearby park.

Of course, now I want my son to have a Scaletrix kit, make model aeroplanes (not sure about the dolls now….) and play cricket, football and rugby.

What is he most interested in though? Yes, you guessed right — computer games. I was his hero when I installed Pixelmon onto Minecraft (to this day I don’t know how I did it).

Are these the normal growing pains of fatherhood? Should I pursue my aim to have my son and me sitting on his bed, remotes in hand, guiding our trains and racing cars? 

Or should I give in and join in the computer games?

It’s an issue dads face, isn’t it? Wanting to join in with our sons (and daughters) but not really understanding what it is that they are interested in.

The problem is, unless you jump in and learn their language, are you in danger of growing apart? I don’t know the answer actually yes I do . . .  where do I learn the rules of Pixelmon, anyone?

On another note, it is comforting to know that I am not the only dreamer out there. I posed this question on my Facebook page: Wishful thinking: if you could pick three jobs (outside your current job) that you would most like to do, what are they? Mine are long distance lorry driver, lumberjack (and I’m okay . . . ) and late night radio show host....

The answers: chef... food critic... and, er, ironically, police officer; wilderness park ranger, cabinetmaker and independently wealthy philanthropist (shirker); international political reporter, architect, social media expert; novelist, historian or journalist; publican, candlestick-maker, publicist for a major star or athlete, telephone porn operator (don’t judge me! Lol) and social worker.

Which jobs would you pick? 

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