FRIDAY, JAN. 4: After a third period of trading the Berkeley Money Savers are in the lead of the KPMG Investment Challenge, with a portfolio value of $52,006, which compared to their ending value last month of $49,589; a 4.87 per cent appreciation.

They are followed by second place team Saltus Rogue Traders with a portfolio value of $51,934 and BHS Investalads with a portfolio of $51,926.

Teams maintain their investment portfolios primarily in the United States, with 77.4 per cent of investments held at December 14, 2012. This is followed by investments in Bermuda, making up 5.4 per cent of the entire groups investments, as Bermuda investments are required per the Investment Challenge rules.

The teams have chosen to invest primarily in actively traded US common stocks with other minimal investments in ADRs (American Depository Receipts), ETP’s (Global Depository Receipts), Closed-Ended Funds and for the first time this year, Limited Partnerships.

Across industry sectors, the portfolios are well diversified with the Consumer products, Communications and Technology sectors continuing to lead the way. Minor investments are held in other sectors such as Utilities, Funds and Basic Materials.