Behind the scenes: The Dark ‘n Stormy Boardroom at Fenway Park. *Photo by Scott Ripley
Behind the scenes: The Dark ‘n Stormy Boardroom at Fenway Park. *Photo by Scott Ripley

The Bermuda Sun was allowed a look inside one of the most popular suites at Fenway Park before Wednesday night’s historic World Series win for the Boston Red Sox.

We were allowed to sample the atmosphere of the Dark ‘n Stormy Boardroom before the 6-1 demolition of St. Louis Cardinals earned Boston their first World Series win on home soil since 1918.

The Boardroom, sold out throughout the season, is a major coup for Bermuda company Gosling’s as it continues to imprint its identity on the US marked.

E. Malcolm Gosling, president/CEO at Gosling-Castle Partners Inc, told the Bermuda Sun: “We’re looking for these creative ways to for people to sample  Gosling’s rums in unique and fun environment. 

“And the management brought us this opportunity. 

“They had a room at the end of the AMC Club that I guess was previously a boardroom. 

“They had a big table in there and I guess they  were just figuring out what to do with it. It has a beautiful viewing deck behind home plate there, and they just loved the whole concept of the Dark ‘n Stormy after visiting Bermuda, by the way — they were indoctrinated the right way!”

He added: “They rent this out and I think it sells out every game.  

“Twelve people sit down for dinner around this table and then you watch it from your viewing deck. It’s quite an experience.”

Gosling’s prominence, it also sells its rums throughout the stadium, points to success across the water.

However, Mr Gosling keeps things in perspective.

He said: “It’s all heading in the right direction but there’s a big world out there and we are long way to go and we are a very small player in the scheme of things when you compare it to the global companies.”