PLP statement: There was an error on trip 14.

We reached out to the Cabinet Office and were informed that amount should read 14,322.19. That brings the total for that trip to $28,710.67

A week after the OBA cut scholarships, education and training,  it has been revealed that Premier Craig Cannonier racked up a travel bill of $180,514.92 in just over a year in office.

The Premier holds no Ministerial portfolio, yet he has taken 17 overseas trips at the taxpayer's expense including an astonishing $13,000 bill for ground transportation on just one trip! At a time when government workers are seeing their work week and pay checks shrink, the Premier does not appear interested in sharing in the sacrifice needed to get Bermudians back to work.

The Premier should not be above or exempt from shared sacrifice, so we call on the Minister of Finance to restrain the Premier's impulses and have him do his part to reduce the cost of government. The Premier who is leading the drive to reduce costs in Government needs to set the example and cut back on his expenses while he is asking government departments and workers to do more with less.

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