We don’t need no education 

We dont need no thought control

Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone

— Pink Floyd

think we all agree that education standards in Bermuda must rise.

I am not here to blame this or that government, minister and/or education official. I am today speaking on behalf of people such as myself, who have children in or entering schools.

We have our own personal responsibility for our children’s education.  It does not matter whether they go to public or private school. If we, the parents, do not ensure certain basics, our children will not reach their full potentials.

Issues that are fundamental to children’s success include:

Sufficient reading time;

• Balanced meals before school;

• Checking and helping with homework;

• Helping with projects;

• Arranging community services;

• Frequent interaction with teachers;

I can admit that I have fallen short in many of those areas myself. The list of reasons is long but irrelevant at this point in time. Needless to say, I am not alone.

For our country to prosper and be less dependent on skilled guest workers, we need well-trained Bermudians.

For our country to rise and move into a position of not only competing but succeeding amongst similar jurisdictions we need well-trained Bermudians

We can take and throw large amounts of  our money at private schools or universities. Yet unless our children hunger for education and we are playing a strong supportive role, it may all come to naught.

Take a look at our Caribbean neighbours and see how children are highly academically competitive.Then look at the education results in Scandanavia or South Korea. Different languages and cultures, yet there is but one common denominator: Parental Involvement.

Let our involvement go beyond the first two months of the school year. We are investing not only in our children, ourselves but most importantly in our country, Bermuda.

Sound education and the value of working honestly for what we wish to achieve are our foundations for a better future. We cannot seek the easy way out by running off to the UK to look for handouts.

Let us all bring our skill sets up a notch. 

How football unites us

Like many others, I have been racking my brains wondering what it is that could possibly bring Bermudians and non-Bermudians together all year round — besides holding Cup Match every month. 

Would it be free parties? Nope, too many hangovers.

Would it be free beer? Nope, too expensive.

Would it be free food? Nope, not enough mayonnaise.

So, on the verge of giving up, a good friend of mine made a suggestion of what we all have in common.

The one thing that we seemingly all have in common is the love and passion directed towards the English Premier League.

Now I am no fan of colonization or European empires or devils even. But I must say I have proudly supported The Red Devils, Manchester United, since 1981. So it does my heart good when I see persons of all nationalities and hues now wearing the red jersey.

Heck, I am finding myself being hugged after we win a game by staunch OBA supporters.

Adds new meaning to the term ‘United’. 

Editor’s response: You must be missing those hugs from fellow United fans, my friend: When was the last time your team won? And have you ordered your new Man Utd lamp yet? Looks good mid-table...