THURSDAY, MARCH 1: An art auction was held on Thursday night to support the Adult Education School.

Beautiful pieces of artwork were on display in the Gosling’s Wine Cellar all ready for the highest bidder.

The event was called “Transformation” and was a silent art auction and cocktail reception.

It was under the patronage of Dame Jennifer Smith and Shine Hayward and John Seymour provided music.

Bidding for the pieces began at 6:45pm and had to start equal to or exceeding the amount on the bid sheet.

Artists included Kelly Hunt, Vanessa Turner, Dwayne Caines, Alice Cedenio, Ami Zanders, Manual Palacio, and Scott Gemell.

Many of the pieces did receive a few bids with many attendees walking away with a piece of art.

And the art varied from photographs, paintings and jewelry.

The subject matter also varied from floral, Bermuda landscapes and more.

Members of the judiciary including Chief Justice Richard Ground and Puisne Judges Ian Kawaley, Charles-Etta Simmons, Carlisle Greaves and Norma Wade Miller attended the auction.

Donna Daniels, executive director of AES, organised the event.