Creative space: The Chewstick Foundation and friends at a previous retreat held at Paget Island. *Photo supplied
Creative space: The Chewstick Foundation and friends at a previous retreat held at Paget Island. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15: The Chewstick Foundation has invited author, community activist and entrepreneur Danya Steele to lead a student workshop about youth development.

Steele was named one of Teen People Magazine’s “20 teens who will change the world” for her work in media and youth culture.

She will be talking at the Paget Island Winter Retreat which takes place this coming weekend from Friday, February 17 to Sunday, February 19.

Steele is committed to inspiring people to take on their own destinies. She will also lead a discussion in partnership with the Wonen’s Resource Centre. Based between New York and South Africa, her work focuses on storytelling and chronicling experiences to empower our future generations.

She is currently writing a book about emerging leaders who are making changes in the post-apartheid era in South Africa.

In addition to speaking to students at the Mount Saint Agnes Academy and Bermuda Institute she will also be making a presentation at The Bermuda College and at The Chewstick Lounge.

The Chewstick Foundation said that Steele is “always interactive and inspirational — at 27 years old she has already made her mark on the globe and has a passion for helping others to do so as well.

“Ms. Steele’s work strives to promote understanding of diverse cultures by encouraging self-reflective living and sharing.”


Chewstick is re-launching its popular BlockDocs programme, at 6pm on Thursday, February 16 at The Chewstick Headquarters.

This event will start with the screening of a 35-minute documentary Killing Us Softly which analyses advertising’s depiction of women in the mainstream media.

According to Diedre Lee Bean of Chewstick: “It decodes an array of print and television advertisements to reveal a pattern of disturbing and destructive gender stereotypes.

“This film, by Jean Kilborne, challenges the viewer to consider the relationship between advertising and broader issues of culture, identity, sexism, and gender violence.”

A primary goal of the BlockDocs series is to encourage discussion. After the film Steele, alongside representatives from The Women’s Resource Center, will discuss the role and portrayal of women in the media.

“As Steele has headed HarlemLIVE, a non-profit based in New York that uses media to empower youth, her perspectives on this topic will definitely be enlightening and a great source for a lively discussion,” added Bean.  This event hopes to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the Women’s Resource Center initiatives as well as highlight ways that people can overcome these messages to create their own destinies.

Women and men of all ages are encouraged to attend and learn about the work that The Women’s Resource Centre does, as well as gain knowledge on how they might be able to combat the messages presented  by mainstream media and advertising.

This is a free event, although donations are appreciated.

It will also be streamed live and archived at

Set on Paget Island attendees need to bring their personal belongings and toiletries. A full listing of items is on or can be shared over the phone by calling the Chewstick office on 292-2439.

The Chewstick Foundation invites participants to attend any of the events  or sign up for the Chewstick Winter Retreat on, The price breakdown for members, non-members, youth, and families are included in the article there.

Alternatively sign-ups can be made by phone on 292-2439 or by e-mailing your information to

For more information on Danya Steele go to, visit for information on the Chewstick Foundation.