Old School: Veterans concert takes place at BAA Gymnasium on Thursday evening. *Photo supplied
Old School: Veterans concert takes place at BAA Gymnasium on Thursday evening. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9: A “reggae reunion” is taking place tomorrow evening as a group of established overseas musicians unite in concert.

Old school original dancehall is the order of the day with Tony Screw of Down Beat, Shinehead, Screechy Dan and Sammy Levi all performing. 

The musicians were at the pinnacles of their career in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s so the concert may appeal to those aged from 35 to 60. They will be accompanied by local DJs Blackstar, Jugglin J and Magnum Force as well as local singers Matic Rizla, Corvin Melody, Junior C, Tristan, Short Ranks, Animal and Woodey Nobel.

Organizer Declan Harris said: “Those individuals who remember the Sweatbox, Old Elliot, Pigs Field/Incubator and many more “old school” locations should consider this night as a reggae re-union of sorts.

“This is an experience that the older demographic has been waiting a long time for, are starving for. There will be a mature crowd that wants to enjoy themselves and will be free of some of the challenges a younger crowd can present.

“This is a foundation dance in the true tradition of original dancehall. The nostalgia attached to this event will include vinyl records/acetates being used as well as a venue (BAA Gymnasium) that had some of the greatest reggae shows in years past. Grammy award winning artists from Shabba Ranks to Ziggy Marley performed in this venue.”

Part proceeds will benefit the Bermuda Diabetes Association. This coincides with Diabetes Awareness month entertainment events.

Tickets are available at all Jamaican Grill locations, Dub City Records, Jazzy Boutique, Kit-n-Caboodle, International Line and Design Barbershop in Flatts and Lidz. 

There are a limited number of $35 tickets available in advance.

Food and refreshments will be available at the venue.  Entry will be similar to a football game at BAA with a second checkpoint for entry to the gymnasium. Parking inside the grounds will be limited to VIP ticketholders.