Bermuda rallies around Nahki

Nahki Wells became the third Bermudian footballer to play at Wembley, prompting patriotic pride throughout the island. Leading the rally for the Bradford City striker — formerly of Dandy Town Hornets — was the Bermuda Sun. As Cup fever built up in the run-up to the Bantams’ clash against Premier League side Swansea on February 24, the Sun's James Burton was there, chronicling the wave of support for Wells both in Bermuda and in Bradford. Although the League Two side was defeated at the Capital One Cup Final, 0-5, Wells told the Sun: “I’m proud to say I’m a Bermudian and all the support has been fantastic.”

OBA’s maiden Throne Speech

The OBA’s first Throne Speech promised measures to push Bermuda out of debt and back into the black.

It also pledged a crackdown on gangs and gun violence.

The theme of the speech was the community coming together in order to rebuild Bermuda.

Delivering the speech, Governor George Fergusson said: “Tough decisions will be required. Without them, there will be no resolution to the problems we face.” 


Budget brings public pay cuts 

The new Government’s first Budget signalled harsh times for civil servants, with pay cuts across the board.

The SAGE Commission was to take an in-depth look at Government spending and examine where cuts could improve efficiency.

“The over-arching principle, insofar as cost reduction is concerned for this Government, is that of shared sacrifice,” the Budget statement read.

The debt ceiling was raised from $1.45 to $2.5 billion. Car licensing fees, bus passes, and taxes on cigarettes and alcohol also saw increases. 

Famous feline bids farewell

Flea, the unofficial St George’s town cat, passed away, drawing tributes from all over the globe.

Found on the old Club Med site in 2004, the flea-ridden kitten grew up to become a well-loved character of the Olde Towne.

He was befriended by many a visitor and even had his own Facebook page. “He must have been one of the best known cats on the island,” said Suzanne Hollis, who rescued him as a kitten. 

Celebrity shark says ‘hello’

Mary Lee, a 16ft Great White, reached 35 miles north of Bermuda in her latest oceanic journey.

The female shark was tagged off Cape Cod in September 2012 and was being tracked up and down the US east coast.

Chris Fischer, founding chairman of research group Ocearch, said: “Mary Lee has brought people together from across the US and now in Bermuda to talk about Great Whites in a positive way... ” 

Bermuda’s walking man

The Sun gave insight into a man who walks up to 15 miles a day.

Damon Fox, 37, is a familiar face to almost everyone on the island in the course of his daily ramblings.

Mr Fox said: “I just get the feeling and I start walking. I cannot stop. I walk for days sometimes.”

He spoke of his life of adversity, but said: “I feel happy when I am out walking on the road.”

PLP tight-lipped on Speaker

New Speaker of the House, veteran PLP MP Randy Horton, faced expulsion from his party.

His appointment as the House of Assembly’s ‘referee’ raised controversy, with the Sun led to understand Mr Horton had been asked to resign from the PLP.

In accepting the role, this served to increase the OBA’s majority from 19-17 to 19-16, as the Speaker does not vote. 

Fire hero saves disabled man

A firefighter saved a disabled man from a burning building in Somerset.

Sgt Larry Stevens (pictured) of Port Royal Fire Station was to receive a commendation from Chief Fire Officer Vincent Hollinsid for his heroism.

But the 27-year veteran of the fire service told the Sun: “I just did my job — I didn’t want to make any fuss about it... instinct makes you just do it.”

Sgt Stevens made several attempts to get into the house to carry the man — an amputee — to safety, before finally breaking through a window.