World mourns Mandela’s death

Bermudians from a broad cross-section of the community were united in their praise of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, who died at the age of 95. South Africa’s first black president endured 27 years in jail for his part in fighting against the racist apartheid regime. We spoke to Glenn Fubler, who founded the Bermuda Anti-Apartheid Movement in the 1980s and fellow campaigner Ron Lightbourne. We also interviewed Reverend Musa Daba, pastor at St Mark’s Church in Smith’s, who was once electrocuted by the dreaded South African Defence Force. 

City clamping controversy

We revealed that drivers who have paid fines after having their vehicles clamped could be in for a refund.

Rules governing clamping were not properly publicized when they were enacted in October, 2007, we were told by the independent Centre for Justice.

The Corporation of Hamilton disagrees and the issue remains unresolved.

Cabinet shuffle

Three ministers — Leah Scott (pictured), Nalton Brangman and Sylvan Richards were axed from Cabinet, drawing criticism that the new line-up was dominated by figures who previously served for the UBP.

In came Dr Grant Gibbons, a former UBP leader, and Trevor Moniz. 

Referendum ‘travesty’

Former UBP Leader Kim Swan, pictured, summed up the view of many critics when he said the OBA’s decision to renege on its promise of a referendum on gaming was “a travesty”. 

Premier Craig Cannonier said the move was prompted by what he saw as a threat from the PLP to disrupt the vote because of concerns over the wording of the referendum question. 

Capt. goes down with boat

Veteran sailor Steve Cummings, 66, died after his boat Silent Thunder sprung a leak and eventually sank close to Bermuda’s shoreline.

The American’s body washed up on Shelly Bay Beach. 

Family’s extraordinary loss

A family was hit by the devastating triple heartbreak of losing a mother, a father and a son all in the same year.

Lorrie Bennet-Bean died at 47 after a battle with cancer.

Her husband Millard was killed in an industrial accident in February and and son Torrie Baker died after a bike accident in St George’s a month earlier. 

Addicted to love and sex

A young Bermudian woman opened her heart to the Bermuda Sun about her debilitating addiction — to sex.

She talked to us as a support group — Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous — reached out publicly to promote its meetings.

We also spoke to a woman in the US who appeared on Oprah to explain sex addiction. 

Row over dog

Dog owners protested after an illegal pit bull named Hershey, pictured, was put down by animal wardens.

Environment Minister Sylvan Richards said pit bulls are banned for a reason and cited four attacks in the previous six days.

Bean’s bet

We revealed PLP Leader Marc Bean’s plans to open a betting shop on Court Street.

Paradise Games would be a “welcome addition” to North Hamilton, said Mr Bean’s friend Roxanne Christopher.