Joanna Cranfield

Profession: Business development manager

Birth date: 20 April, 1964

How did you celebrate your 50th birthday? My fiancé took me to Key West for a surprise weekend, and my children cooked me a wonderful meal when we returned late on my birthday.

What are your accomplishments to date? Apart from actually making it through the last 50 years, three kids, two cats, one goldfish, a job I enjoy every day, the privilege of living on this beautiful island and the amazing friends I have been lucky enough to make.

What is your fondest memory over the past 50 years? Sharing the lives of my children as they grew up and became truly wonderful people.

What are your goals for the future? To see my children reach success and happiness and then sail around the world for many years.

The Bermuda Sun will be featuring people who turn 50 this year as the Sun celebrates a half-century.