Top of the world: Kenny Bascome celebrates his election victory with family. *File photo
Top of the world: Kenny Bascome celebrates his election victory with family. *File photo

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9: “I’m on top of the world”, Kenneth Bascome freely admits as he ponders the potential of his new role as MP.

The former Mayor of the Old Town fulfilled a life long ambition on December 17 by taking the St George’s North seat and toppling Dame Jennifer Smith by a healthy 85 vote majority.

But he told the Bermuda Sun that just as important as winning, was making his mother proud of him.

“Being the people’s representative is a huge honour, but I was not emotionally overcome like I was at my first Peppercorn,” he added.

Mr Bascome says he will continue his fight for a 24-hour police presence in the town as well as a fully-functioning fire station.

He added: “My priority will be to speak to the Public Safety Minister as well as other representatives and state again the case for our community.

“We need a fire station and we need a 24 hour police presence to help bring back a sense of security within the community.

“I still believe that something needs to be done about the Causeway to prevent the disruption that is caused whenever a storm is approaching.

“And I will continue to push my ideas of nostalgia and cultural tourism to attract visitors to the island.

“This little community of St George’s has more to offer than many could begin to imagine — the problem is it has been allowed to languish.

“It can be a catalyst for getting Bermuda back to where it once was.

“The profile of St George’s will be even higher now that I have been given the opportunity to represent the town in the House of Assembly.

“I can guarantee this community that I will be in the room when discussions affecting this community are at stake.”

Mr Bascome admitted he was slightly disappointed not to be named as part of the OBA cabinet.

But he said he had not given up hope of working in a Ministerial capacity at some point in the future.

He added: “I was a little disappointed to not be appointed to a Cabinet post.

“But I am not upset. I have learned to deal with disappointment.

“Having matured politically all things come in time and I am still hopeful that this could happen in the future.

“I have said previously that I would be interested in tourism, national security and youth, families and sport, and that is still the case.

“These are areas I have a passion for.”