TUESDAY, DEC. 18: A fistful of votes could have turned this election.

While the PLP are pointing to the economy as the deciding factor in them losing this election, if they could have persuaded nine people in two constituencies to have changed their minds and voted the other way, they would still be in power today.

Nandi Davis (OBA) beat Renee Anderson-Ming by just four votes in St George’s West and Wayne Scott beat David Burch by just 10 votes.

However, the OBA victory could have been greater as they could have picked up three more seats if 14 voters had changed their minds.  Anthony Francis lost to Glenn Blakeney by eight votes in Devonshire North Central, Andrew Simons by six votes to Walton Brown in Pembroke Central, and Ray Charlton lost to Michael Scott by eight votes in Sandy’s North.

Other marginals include St George’s South (OBA win by 48 votes) and Warwick South East (64 votes).

The PLP received fewer votes in 31 of the 36 constituencies. Lovitta Foggo in 3, Wayne Furbert in 6, Walter Roban in 15, Dawn Simmons in 22 and Zane De Silva all increased the PLP vote percentages with Mr De Silva garnering 70.3 per cent of the vote compared to retiring Speaker of the House Stanley Lowe’s 57.4 per cent.

Mr Fubert increased the PLP vote total by over 10 per cent in Hamilton West and he managed to get 2 per cent more votes than he received the last time as a UBP candidate.

There were several candidates who won their seats in spite of getting less than 50 per cent of the vote: Nandi Davis (38.69%), David Burt (49.76%) and Wayne Scott (49.32%).

Derrick Burgess was the PLP candidate who received the most votes (680) while Anthony Richardson was the one who received the least (112). Michael Weeks was the PLP candidate who attained the highest vote percentage (85.22%).

Craig Cannonier was the OBA candidate who received the highest number of votes (807) and the highest percentage of votes (87.81%). Terry Hodgson was the OBA candidate with the least amount of votes (102).

Kim Swan was the independent candidate with the highest number of votes (214) and highest percentage of votes (23.06%). Leyoni Junos received the least amount of votes (5) of any independent candidate.

There are 14 new MPs, nine for the OBA and five for the PLP.

Michael Dunkley in Smith’s South and Suzann Roberts-Holshouser in St George’s South are returning to Parliament after being defeated in the 2007 General Election.

In addition, the new Parliament will consist of eight women, which is one more than was elected in 2007.

Eight women were also elected in 2003.

The number of white MPs increased for the first time in five elections.

There are eight white MPs elected compared to five in 2003.

The OBA received 15,949 votes (51.7%) to the PLP’s 14, 218 (46.1%). The 15 independent candidates received 695 votes (2.3%). Besides the Premier, other Cabinet Ministers to lose include Dame Jennifer Smith in Constituency 1 and Patrice Minors in Constituency 10. n


Consituency                                   Victory margin       Winner                                   Party

1. St George’s North                      82                                 Kenny Bascome                      OBA

2. St George’s West                        4                                    Nandi Davis                             OBA

4. St George’s South                      48                                 S. Roberts-Holshouser          OBA

13. Devonshire North Central   8                                    Glenn Blakeney                         PLP

17. Pembroke Central                   6                                    Walton Brown                          PLP

18. David Burt                               83                                 David Burt                                 PLP

21. Pembroke South East            92                                 Rolfe Commssiong                   PLP

24. Warwick South East              64                                 Lawrence Scott                         PLP

27. Warwick North Central        10                                 Wayne Scott                             OBA

36. Sandys North                           8                                    Michael Scott                             PLP


Additionally, Devonshire North West went from a PLP safe seat to an OBA safe seat. Premier Paula Cox won 69.6 per cent of the vote in 2007 but only managed 44.51 per cent this time around.


NB: A marginal is any seat in which the winner got less than 54% of the vote