Working for the future: MP for St George’s West Nandi Davis with son Shiia. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Working for the future: MP for St George’s West Nandi Davis with son Shiia. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY JANUARY 4: Political newcomer Nandi Davis has her sights set high — after cutting her political teeth, the 25-year-old has ambitions for Cabinet and even beyond.

Ms Davis – who won St George’s West for the OBA, said: “I would be good for going for Premier one day — I wouldn’t mind that.”

But she added she was aiming to learn from experienced politicians and bring the voice of the young to the top table of Government. Ms Davis said: “My role right now is to pretty much take on certain interests like sport and education and just being mentored into the process.

“I want to really know my stuff before I get into Cabinet one day.”

She admitted her victory over sitting MP Kim Swan had still to fully sink in.

Ms Davis said: “It’s the reconvening of Parliament when I’ll realise ‘ right, this is official’.”

She added she had been propelled into politics after she returned from college and started working in the hedge fund industry just as many international businesses started to downsize or pull out of Bermuda altogether.

Ms Davis said: “Nobody was comfortable doing business in Bermuda any more — you do the right thing, come back and there are no jobs.

“I had two or three jobs, but I know people who couldn’t find a job and couldn’t pay the rent.”

She added: “I’m concerned about education as well — my son is two years old. He will need a proper education. If he wants an education, I want to make sure he can go away if he wants to. If he wants to learn a trade, I want him to be able to do that. All these were factors for me.”

She added that she was also committed to boosting St George’s and revitalizing the Old Town.

Ms Davis said she signed up with the OBA — despite a family tradition of backing the PLP.

She addd: “Politics can be very divisive — initially, I was honestly afraid to let my parents know.  My dad was staunch PLP.

“But he’s very happy — he supported me. He came down to the polling station in his green shirt and green blazer. He said afterwards ‘you’re in now, here’s your chance to show what you can do’.”

She said she was related to columnist and PLP supporter Christopher Famous, while PLP candidate Neville Tyrrell is her uncle.

Ms Davis added: “Christopher was doubting my ability and doubting my party. He was doing everything in his power to get people to go against me.”

But she said: “I had to stick to my guns — it wasn’t family and friends, it wasn’t black and white. Sitting in the OBA caucus, it was so diverse and it looked at right and wrong, not colour.

“I couldn’t support a party that wasn’t representing me or any of my friends’ interests.”

She added: “I think it’s exciting because our caucus has a lot more energy. The younger generation is a lot more solutions-driven.

“We’re not just going to sit around talking. We bring that energy to the caucus and the party loves it.

“None of our members are scared to talk about something they think is wrong or something they don’t understand.

“It’s a great mix — the fresh faces and the experience — there is no kiddy table in the OBA.”

The former CARIFTA Games athlete studied at CompuCollege in Halifax, Nova Scotia, graduating with top marks in business and computer applications.

She is currently working on getting accounting qualifications at Bermuda College — although she admitted her studies took a backseat during the election campaign.

Ms Davis is currently working as an executive assistant to the managing director of a fund administration company and previously worked for a hedge fund, gaining valuable experience of the international business sector.

She said: “People in St George’s have lost so much faith that the town will be restored. A 24-hour police station, getting St George’s a cruise ship, even the community garden, all that is important.”

Ms Davis added: “In our first year, I’m definitely hoping to see some movement on the debt being brought down, people getting back to work and the schools starting to function a lot better.

“I’d be very excited if we can open up the books in a transparent manner and tell the public how much we’ve brought the debt down. We’re working with Bermuda and finally they are engaging with us and everything is starting to function.”

And she promised: “I will be working hard and I’ll continue to do my best. As long as we stick to our guns, do what we have to do and be about change that will go in our favour.

“And I intend to prove myself — I won’t be sitting at home watching TV. I’ll be on the doorsteps, which is where I’ve been for most of the past year.”