TUESDAY, DEC. 18: Business Bermuda congratulated the OBA on winning Monday’s election saying it has the understanding and “right leadership to help transform Bermuda”.

Cheryl Packwood, Business Bermuda CEO said in a press release: “The election results last night are clearly an indication that the people of Bermuda are laser-focused on the economy and that international business has to be the driving force in powering the return of prosperity and opportunity for all Bermudians.

“As we market Bermuda around the world, we constantly talk about the importance of stability in government and the peaceful transition of power and our Democracy in Bermuda are great examples of that.

“We thank the Progressive Labor Party for their efforts and we welcome the One Bermuda Alliance into government.

“Our challenges and opportunities are significant, but we are confident that the OBA has the depth of experience, understanding of the international business sector and the right leadership to transform Bermuda and ensure that our future is strong.”

Business Bermuda is slated to be merged with the Insurance Development Council into a new group entitled the Bermuda Business Development Council next year.