TUESDAY, DEC. 18: OBA deputy chairman Jeanne Atherden has taken the Pembroke West seat with 530 votes in a constituency of 1088 voters.

She takes the seat from incumbent Shawn Crockwell who was running for Southampton West Central.

The constituency was that of her family home before the boundaries were changed

This election saw her running against her own brother Erwin Adderley, a former UBP MP who ran as an independent in this election. He won 28 votes while the PLP’s Vince Ingham won 275 votes and independent candidate Meredith Stapff took home 25

Speaking of her victory a jubilant Ms Atherdon told the Bermuda Sun: “Now I’m going to see what’s happening everywhere else. Heading out to my campaign headquarters in Pembroke West to see my team then I’ll go to Central (Vasco De Gamma) I want to see my team who helped me get here. I am really happy with my team, we went on the doorsteps we were out there and part of the bigger team and I think that people recognize that they want change and I hope that it happens everywhere. That’s what I am going to find out now.”

Atherden has an active history in Bermuda politics. Previously she has held the roles of UBP chairman, Senator – opposition senate leader, spokesperson in the senate for finance, health and education and was Boundaries Commissioner in 2009.

She pledged to enlist two “chief of staff” to help her communicate with her constituents year round. Tackling crime in her constituency and promoting community events are high on her agenda.