Anyone who has had a loved one hurt by a speeding driver - or who has ended up in court for breaking the speed limit - will probably have strong views about Bermuda's 35kph limit. In fact, most road users probably have an opinion on the matter.

Reporter Mikaela Ian Pearman asked if the current 35kph limit is right for Bermuda.

Norris Dowling, 56, accountant

‘No, the speed limit isn’t right but if we change it we’re going to break it, which happens now. Nobody does 35k. They don’t usually book you for driving under 50k. 50k is reasonable but nobody would stick to it.’


Shari-Lynn Pringle, 49, Project coordinator

‘No, I think the speed limit could probably go up by five miles or eight kilometres per hour.’


Graham Robinson, 36, investigations officer

‘I don’t think it should be much faster because there are people who speed that will always go faster. I think it should be a little bit higher but not a big jump — maybe 40 or 45k.’


Corbin Durrant, 46, carpet installer

‘The speed limit is too slow and it causes the roads to be congested. When someone is driving very slow it creates a build-up of traffic.’


Diane Whittaker, 60s, executive director IMA

‘Most people don’t drive at the right speed either because of circumstances of the moment or they’re in a hurry to go somewhere. The speed limit is correct if drivers adhere to it. Most people don’t, especially at night after a few drinks.’


Philip Akeroyd, 63, Retired

‘Yes, the speed limit is right because it’s too dangerous here with all these motorbikes exceeding the speed limit. I think it should be adhered to, but nobody adheres to it.’