TUESDAY, NOV. 30: The U.S. Consulate in Bermuda today stressed that the American Government is committed to ensuring confidentiality of information, following the release of thousands of documents by Wikileaks.

It is understood that 68 of the leaked documents make reference to Bermuda, though none of them have surfaced yet. The whistleblower website started releasing the material at the weekend and much more is expected to come out in the weeks and months ahead.

A press statement issued today by the U.S. Consul in Devonshire said: “Our government takes security very seriously, which is why our communications are often classified.

“We are taking aggressive action to ensure that our systems and private communications are secure.
“Several steps have been taken in recent weeks and months to enhance the security of our systems and to prevent the leak of information.

“Foreign governments should be assured that the United States Government is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of information and will continue to strengthen the security of our systems.”

The statement also said America’s relationship with Bermuda is based on “respect and shared goals” which is expected to continue to flourish.

“Any unauthorized disclosure of classified information by Wikileaks has harmful implications for global engagement among and between nations.   

“Given its potential impact, we condemn such unauthorized disclosures and are taking every step to prevent future security breaches.”