Turnout: A small portion of the estimated 2,000 walkers stretch into the distance. *Photo by Liz Campbell
Turnout: A small portion of the estimated 2,000 walkers stretch into the distance. *Photo by Liz Campbell
The descendants of residents forcibly removed from their land in Tucker’s Town in the 1920s yesterday condemned plans to develop the area.

They hit out during a tour of the Rosewood Tucker’s Point site organized by conservation, heritage and racial groups.

About 2,000 islanders attended to learn about the controversial Special Development Order, which could see 78 private homes and 70 hotel rooms built at Tucker’s Point.

The walk covered the two miles between Paynters Hill and Quarry Hill and there were about 20 stops with representatives pointing out particular points of interest. 

Citizens of all colours and creeds took part and many will march on the Senate on March 16 when the SDO is likely to achieve final approval.

Edward McDonald Welsh, whose grandmother was forced out of her home in 1920, said Government should “grow a backbone”.

He added: “My grandmother was born in this area but they were all moved out by legislation.

“It’s all about money now. Sometimes you have to be blunt — where the hell is your backbone? Show me your DNA and we are all related.”

Protesters including Dr. David Wingate OBE, a retired Government conservation officer, believe the plans are devastating for the environment and will result in further debt for the five-star hotel.

Dr. Wingate said: “If you are going to develop any of those lots you might just as well bulldoze St. Peter’s church and St. Georges church and sell them off as a house lots because that is the kind of damage of our heritage.

“It is so completely unworkable because if they tried to do it in full they would end up severely in debt.”

Representatives from Tucker’s Point Hotel greeted walkers on their route and offered them free water.

The walk was organized by the Tuckers’ Point Historical Society, The Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce (BEST), Bermuda National Trust, Greenrock, Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda and SOS.


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