FRIDAY, MAR. 25: It has been brought to our attention that representatives from Tucker’s Point Club (TPC) have revised their plans, based on objections from Senators, and have met with Government members, Civil Servants and both Opposition and Independent Senators over the past week to present these revised plans.  No information about the new deal been brought to the public for review until this morning’s newspaper article, and no presentations were made to BEST, Tuckers Town Historical Society or CURB.

Many of you will have noticed that during the whole SDO debate, the historical and in deed moral perspective, that the land was forcibly taken from Blacks, and at a rate substantially lower than what they had requested, was the least mentioned argument. This new development, if it proves to be true, fails to address the historical and moral perspective and, in our opinion, further pours salt in a wound that has never healed.  We have always contended that the building of residences has very little to do with tourism and, if they are built, perpetuates the betrayal of the original land owners and their descendants.  As Col. Burch stated last week, this deal is about money, as it always has been. Blacks were exploited then, the people of Bermuda now.  We regret and are saddened by this latest development, if it proves to be true.

The SDO debate will go before the Senators today likely at 5 pm and we urge CURB supporters, members and friends to once again honk their horns loudly while driving by the Senate grounds, email/contact Senators to register your concerns (see email addresses below), and if possible attend the Senate grounds wearing black, in support of the original owners and to mourn this continuing travesty.

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda