Eye for detail: Andy Stuart, commercial print sales executive for Island Press, proofs a poster for one of the firm’s clients, which include some of Bermuda’s best-known businesses. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Eye for detail: Andy Stuart, commercial print sales executive for Island Press, proofs a poster for one of the firm’s clients, which include some of Bermuda’s best-known businesses. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
The third generation in a family of printers, Andy Stuart is bringing his skills to the presses of Island Press Ltd.

The media company’s new commercial print sales executive has left Europe behind to explore new horizons in Bermuda.

And it is not only the island’s beauty he is relishing, but also the opportunity to expand Island Press into new areas of business.

The company is a full-service printer, utilizing litho, digital and security printing technologies to produce everything from business cards to flyers, large-format posters, newspapers, magazines and annual reports for the international business sector.


Keen to increase the company’s extensive product range, he is also eager to push the service element to clients.

He said: “Printing in my view is about providing the customer with outstanding service. It’s not just about selling the product.”

Mr. Stuart believes Island Press can take advantage of its role as the premier offset litho printer on the island. 

Mr. Stuart said: “We want people to know that we offer a full suite of services, with print being just one element of that.”

Island Press has one of the largest variable data digital production suites on the island.

It is involved in contracts to process billing invoices to the many customers of a major Bermuda-based telecommunications firm.

This “end-to-end” service is something Mr. Stuart wants to expand into other industry sectors. He said: “This side of the business has the most potential for growth and will only get bigger, as customer demand for variable data mailing activity increases.

“Digital technology is ideal when you are dealing with short production runs as it is very efficient, so this works well in a population the size of Bermuda. But when you combine that with our outstanding litho technology you can produce excellent quality for larger quantities.

“This means we can really position ourselves as the island’s premier full-service printing company.

“I’m a big believer in the concept of ‘invest in Bermuda’, so we need to ensure that all our customers know that we actually produce our printing here on the island.

This keeps many workers in employment on the island, not shipping print in from overseas to keep other countries’ economies going with Bermudian money.”

Mr. Stuart, 42, was born in Glasgow, Scotland. His grandfather John was one of the first litho printers in the country, working for McCorquodale Printers of Glasgow.


His father Bill is a silk-screen printer, running his own business in Scotland.

On leaving school he also entered the printing profession, gaining a four-year apprenticeship at Glasgow College of Building and Printing.

He became a qualified compositor, learning traditional printing techniques such as film and plate-making but then progressed into different aspects of the industry and technologies.

His experience includes security printing, targeted personalized mailing and large-format digital print, such as billboards, posters and exhibition signage.

One of his accomplishments was overseeing the production of new customer cheque books for two Irish banks ready for the transfer of the national currency from punt to euro, on January 1, 1999. Mr. Stuart is now keen to further advance the capabilities of Island Press.

He is “very impressed” by the quality and range of the firm’s printing, adding: “There is so much opportunity here, it is a dream job.

“This is a great company with a desire to grow.

“We can further develop Island Press’ position as the premier litho printer in Bermuda, as a trusted supplier for all aspects of printing, such as variable data billing and security printing.

“This is complemented by a reputation for first-class service to our many customers across Bermuda.

“My experience in print management will add real value to our offering.”

Island Press also publishes the Bermuda Sun, its colour supplements and bermuda.com guide.

Island Press’s industry-leading litho, digital and security print presses are complemented by a full service bindery department in Elliott Street, Hamilton.

Clients include some of Bermuda’s best-known businesses. Its many specialist printing services include graphic design, embossing, die-cutting, binding and shipping.

For more details about Island Press, call 295-1944.