WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28: At Alaska Hall this afternoon, two more members of Team PLP were announced to contest the upcoming general election. Announced by the Party Leader and Premier, the Hon. Paula A. Cox, JP, MP, were the Hon. Glenn Blakeney, JP, MP, Minister of Youth, Families & Sports, who will be running in Constituency 13, Devonshire North Central, and the Hon. Walter Roban, JP, MP who will be the PLP candidate for Constituency 15, Pembroke East.

Minister Blakeney was first elected to public office in July 2003 in Devonshire North Central. Prior to this, he had served as the Public Relations Officer for the Progressive Labour Party. He was subsequently reelected in December 2007. Minister Blakeney is the Founder and President of Inter-Island Communications Ltd, the parent company of Hott 107.5 FM and MAGIC 102.7 FM. He is also the owner of Bermuda Soul Record Company, Ltd. Following the election in 2007, he was appointed to Cabinet as the Minister responsible for Environment & Sports. In 2011, his ministry was realigned and he now serves as the Minister of Youth, Families & Sports.

His most recent accomplishments have been to spearhead the National Sports Centre development of the Aquatics Facility, and to have piloted legislation to bring Bermuda into compliance with the World Anti-Doping Association’s commitment to Drug-Free Sports. In addition, Minister Blakeney has piloted the Human Rights Unreasonable Hardship legislation.

In Devonshire North Central, Minister Blakeney has worked tirelessly to address constituency concerns. He has had roads resurfaced in the Cedar Park, Alexandra Road and Mary Victoria Road areas of Prospect, and also worked towards having streetlights installed. A new bus shelter has been erected at Prospect Primary School which protects students from inclement weather and allows them to access the bus without having to leave the school property. Minister Blakeney is married to Gwen, and is the father of five, and grandfather of nine.

Mr. Walter Roban was first elected to the House of Assembly in December 2007. Prior to this, he spent many years in service to the Progressive Labour Party, as Secretary General, Campaign Co-Chair, Public Relations Officer, and Election Coordinator.

From 2003 – 2006, he served as a Government Senator, and was the Junior Minister of Health & Family Services, Tourism & Transport and Education & Development. In addition he served as the Junior Minister for Labour, Home Affairs and Public Safety from January 2008 –June 2009. Mr. Roban was appointed to Cabinet in June 2009 where he served briefly as Minister without Portfolio before being appointed to Minister of Health. He served in this capacity until October 2010 when he was appointed Minister of Environment, Planning & Infrastructure Strategy. Following this, he was appointed Minister of Public Works, and served in this position until mid November 2011.

Mr. Roban earned a B.A. in Business & International Studies from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and a Master’s Degree from Birmingham University in the U.K. in International Studies, specializing in Foreign Policy Analysis, Political Risk Analysis and International History.

As the Member of Parliament for Pembroke East, he has been committed to the issues of road works, lighting, seniors’ benefits and care, security, and family matters. Mr. Roban holds regular constituency clinics where residents of Pembroke East are encouraged to come out to highlight any concerns they may have, whether parochial or national.

Mr. Roban is the father of one daughter.

The Progressive Labour Party is proud to have the Hon. Glenn Blakeney, JP, MP and the Hon. Walter Roban, JP, MP as two members of our strong, experienced and capable PLP Team. We are confident that when they are returned to the Government on Election Day, they will be able to continue to give their customary dedicated service to their communities.