Retiring Premier Dr. Ewart Brown aims to form a foundation to help convicted criminals turn their lives around.

The Premier leaves for Europe tomorrow for a family cruise — the beginning of what he describes as a ‘detox’ period.

He’s staying out of public life for at least six months and won’t even be on the island to see who is elected as his successor on Thursday night.

But he does not intend to withdraw from the fray completely.

Dr. Brown said he planned to live and work in Bermuda and he has committed to working with prisoners.

He said the principle was for a kind-of ‘empty our prisons foundation’ — an organization that could work with felons at Westgate and on their release to help them re-enter society.

“I have one son, Maurice, currently in prison in the U.S. I’m working closely with him on his re entry into society. The odds are that he could be a recidivist.


“Knowing his situation and having visited Westgate on numerous occasions I am convinced some energy should be devoted to trying to work with those people who in the estimation of some have been thrown away.”

He said there was too much wasted talent sitting in Westgate and he wants to use his time and energy after leaving politics to help them.

He added: “I don’t feel my responsibility is any less just because I am no longer in a position of public leadership.

“I think I have a responsibility, wherever I am, to contribute.”

Dr. Brown has also agreed to take on a post as ‘visiting lecturer’ at Howard University — his alma mater.

He will return to the medical profession but has no plans to don the ‘white coat’ again.

He says he will be involved from more of a managerial perspective at his Smiths clinic. He’s still progressing with the stem-cell clinic plan but says he is ‘not rushing into anything’ on that project.

Politically Dr. Brown insists you won’t hear him offering too much commentary or opinion on future leaders. He said he would follow the example of Pamela Gordon and Dame Jennifer Smith and maintain a dignified silence.

Right now, he’s taking a holiday. He clears out his office this afternoon and will be on a plane tomorrow.