John Barritt and several other UBP MPs quit on Monday. *File photo
John Barritt and several other UBP MPs quit on Monday. *File photo

MONDAY, May 16: A total of seven UBP MPs today quit the party and are expected to join the new One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) tomorrow.

The move is expected to leave the way clear for the formation of the OBA after an interim injunction was granted to rebel UBP members to put the new party on hold.

John Barritt, Trevor Moniz, Bob Richards, Grant Gibbons, Louise Jackson, Cole Simons and Patricia Pamplin-Gordon have all quit the 47-year-old UBP.

They will sign up with the three MPs from the BDA, which split from the UBP in 2009, to form the new official Opposition party.

That will leave two of the rebels who sought the injunction, leader Kim Swan and MP Charles Swan, as the sole torchbearers for the old party.

Mr Moniz, the former deputy leader of the UBP, said: “We will be supporting John Barritt as the new Opposition leader.”

It is expected the OBA will complete formalities at Government House tomorrow morning and launch the new party in the afternoon.

The rebels, led by Mr Swan, argued that procedures to wind up the UBP had not been followed properly and that the merger process was flawed.

A judge granted the interim injunction – which left the new party in limbo until arguments had been heard in court.

But the resignations mean that the UBP will continue – with the seven free to sign up with the OBA.