Terry Lister announces his candidacy for Premier at a press conference today. *Photo by James Whittaker
Terry Lister announces his candidacy for Premier at a press conference today. *Photo by James Whittaker
MONDAY, JULY 26: Terry Lister today announced his candidacy to replace Premier Dr. Ewart Brown as leader of the Progressive Labour Party.

Mr. Lister, MP for Sandys South and a former education and energy minister, is campaigning under the slogan: “It’s Bermuda’s turn.”

If elected he promised to turn round the economy, improve race relations and get to grips with the drug problem.

He said many of the solutions were already detailed in a host of reports, including Bermuda First, and insisted it was time to start implementing them.

He plans to host a series of Town Hall meetings starting immediately after Cup Match in a bid to secure a ‘mandate’ from the people.

The PLP delegates will ultimately decide the leadership race at the party’s annual conference in October.

Mr. Lister launched his campaign in front of the media and a small crowd of party members in a press conference at Alaska Hall this morning.

MP Wayne Perinchief and his brother former attorney general Phil Perinchief were among the crowd and are expected to support his bid.

Mr. Lister is the first PLP member to officially announce his aim to replace Dr Brown, who gave his final speech in the House of Assembly on Friday and steps down in October.

Further announcements are expected soon from former Culture Minister Dale Butler and Deputy Premier Paula Cox, who is the front-runner.

Mr. Lister said he wanted the campaign to be about issues not attacks on other candidates.

He said the PLP had made great strides under previous administrations.

But he accepted he was targeting the job at a tough time in Bermuda’s history with the economy struggling and gang violence spiraling out of control.

Mr. Lister said: “There are some dark clouds as well. One might ask what is our future? Closing hotels? Failing schools? Gang violence? General lawlessness? No, this will not be if we ensure that it is Bermuda’s turn.”