Dear Sir,

I am thankful and happy with my employment at Tucker’s Point Club and would like to share with you my mother’s and my appreciation to the respect, concern and interest of our family ancestry grave site located at the foot of the Tucker’s Point Golf Club driving range.

We thank the Trippe family and the TPC groundsmen for cleaning and clearing up the overgrowth to the gravesite.

As to the Historical Society of Tucker’s Town, I was a member and chose not to be a part of this organization due to the fact that there seemed to be a conflict of interest between myself and them.

My concern, for instance, was to acknowledge Josiah Smith; who he was, his business, and his purpose and pleasure when he existed. Their concerns seemed to be only focused on relatives they claim to be buried either in or around the gravesite at Tucker’s Point Club; they don’t like the idea of golf balls being hit over the gravesite.

Also they believe the land and homeowners were taken advantage of by under payment for their property and homes during those transactions.

I disagree because I have learned differently. I believe them to be a group that is not helping the matter in full truth and therefore contributing to confusion. There is documentation indicating those property sales and transactions as just and fair. We support the Tucker’s Point development 100 per cent… which [helps tourism] and in the long term will create work for our locals in the hospitality industry, as well as construction tradesmen, and landscapers.

Winfield Chuck Simpson, Maintenance, Tucker’s Point

Editor’s note: This letter was provided to us via Troncossi Public Relations.


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