Dear Sir,

I read with great interest the article in the Bermuda Sun on June 1 headlined ‘PLP expects to win it on the doorstep’. This article really irritated me when I read that the PLP assumes they can rely on grassroots credibility and that they are a party of the people!

In my opinion they lost that years ago. They are now out of touch with reality and have lost touch with the grassroots and the common folk of this island, of which I am one!

Bermuda has turned for the worse and the PLP Government has contributed greatly to that with poor policy decisions and not listening to the very people who elected them. Under the PLP, our paradise home is being ruined by poor leadership and too many incompetent politicians.

Furthermore, I can’t remember the last time I saw a PLP candidate on my doorstep and I don’t even have a dog as an excuse not to knock!

It is time for a change and while the anonymous PLP source in the article is critical of Barritt, Dunkley and Gibbons I am sure many fellow Bermudians find comfort in knowing we have the likes of these people serving us.

Furthermore, in these tough times they have a track record of success and experience that we need now more than ever.

So, let’s wake up my fellow Bermudians, the time for playing the race card has come and gone. We need to worry about the future for all our families.

I am really scared about what is going to happen in the next few years and would feel a lot safer if we had a government that stood for ALL OF US and not just a few! How many of us are better off since the PLP have been in power? If we really look at our day-to-day lives we will realize the truth for ourselves!

Sharon DeSilva, Devonshire