Governor-designate George Fergusson *Photo supplied
Governor-designate George Fergusson *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, MARCH 23: The Governor-designate George Fergusson has stated that he will take a pay-cut when he takes office.

A statement released on Mr Fergusson’s behalf stated: ‘The Governor-designate is clear that as a member of the Bermuda Public Service, he would expect to take his share of any public service pay cut.’

Earlier this month the government voted to cut the salaries of MPs by five per cent.

The statement from the Governor-designate comes just hours after former Premier Dr Ewart Brown made a speech at the 50/50 conference in the Cayman Islands.

Dr Brown talked about recent budget cutbacks in Bermuda and parliamentarians taking it upon themselves to take a pay cut.

But he added: “Not once have I heard even a whisper that the $1.6 million annual outlay that goes to Government House should be cut back.

“Is there no moral obligation for the British Governor to lead by example, and volunteer to take a pay cut? Oops, I forgot. The British are superior.”