FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4: Rosewood Hotels and Resort has partnered with Tucker’s Point Club to expand the hotel.

Environment Minister Walter Roban tabled a Special Development Order (SDO) for the project in the House of Assembly today.

The announcement was made at a press conference at the hotel this afternoon.

Patrice Minors, Tourism Minister, said: “This Government is listening and is very cognizant of the dedicated balance a society must have to maintain quality environmentally enriched open spaces and sustainable economic viability.

"However, it must be understood that in order to compete and cope in this current climate, governments and tourism authorities around the world have had to readjust the way that they position their tourism product."

Minister Roban; Ed Trippe, president of Tucker’s Point; Robert Boulogne, COO of Rosewood; David Bragg of HSBC; and Chris Furbert, president of the BIU; also attended the press conference.

It is the third SDO for the hotel.

Mr. Trippe said: “I am very pleased to have Robert Boulogne here. We look forward to welcoming him as our partner. They will provide great stability for the resort and great tourism for Bermuda.

Rosewood, a five-star brand has more than 20 properties in the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico and the Middle East.

Mr. Roban said: “SDOs are used to achieve a national priority that could not otherwise be met under the regular Planning Regime.  They are not aberrations, they are duly provided for in our legislation. 

“An SDO enables the Minister to respond to development needs that are of strategic, national importance or priority, and for which the Development Applications Board does not have the authority to grant planning permission.”

Mr. Roban said his Ministry was handling the SDO in an “extremely transparent manner”.

“Environmentally, Tucker’s Point is very important, containing important woodland areas and habitats of national significance with one of the highest percentages of native and endemic tree species per acre.

“The contiguous woodland areas on the property are among the largest on the Island and it is home to the last stand of mature native Yellow Wood trees in Bermuda and provides the seed source to propagate the recovery of this species.

“The property also contains extensive cave systems due to its karst (limestone) geology and these systems are only partially surveyed.

“The Department of Planning, the Department of Conservation Services and the Sustainable Development Unit have all contributed to the definition of the conditions attached to this SDO.”

Mr. Roban encouraged anyone who has concerns about to SDO to read it through and reach out to Mr. Trippe or his Ministry. 

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