Government House press statement

THURSDAY, JAN. 14: Images purporting to show two valid cheques, apparently made out to Dr E Brown and D Burgess but which were in fact fake images and most probably created with malicious intent, were well publicised in early 2009.

The fake images of cheques may still be subject to further investigation, but no longer in Bermuda.

A very thorough investigation in Bermuda was conducted by the Bermuda Police Service. An appraisal of the results by the Director of Public Prosecutions concluded that there was not evidence of criminality which could be charged to court here in Bermuda.

The further investigation which may take place would be in a different jurisdiction, in other words overseas.

Premier and minister respond to Government House statement

THURSDAY, JAN. 14: Government House released a news statement today about the images of two cheques which were purported to be validly made out to the Premier and Minister Burgess.

In the Government House statement, it was reported that the Bermuda Police Service conducted an investigation and determined that the cheques were fakes. Bermuda's Director of Public Prosecutions concluded that no charges of criminality could be laid in Bermuda.

It has been determined that the fraudulent cheques were produced in Canada.

In response, the Premier, Dr. Ewart Brown, and Minister Derrick Burgess issued the following statement: "Sadly, this malicious act will not be prosecuted in Bermuda. This does not mean that the Premier and the Minister will not seek redress within the appropriate court system in Canada."