Street trubute: ‘RIP’ sheets have been hung close to where ‘Yankee’ Rawlins was shot on Court Street. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

Street trubute: ‘RIP’ sheets have been hung close to where ‘Yankee’ Rawlins was shot on Court Street. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

The gang-related murder of Raymond Troy ‘Yankee’ Rawlins remains a hot topic of conversation on Facebook.

People have posted positive and negative comments after the shooting of Mr. Rawlins, 47, in the entrance to the Spinning Wheel on Court Street, Pembroke.

Some have sent out their heartfelt sympathies to his family saying the father-of-eight was a man who would help others in times of need.

While others have openly discussed that he was no angel, discussing his criminal background, drug use and his affiliation with gangs.

Tuquilah Carter, who is the eldest of Mr. Rawlins’ children, says her “heart is broken” and she can’t sleep as she “tries to get through the pain”.

She initially wrote: “Can’t tell you how I feel right now, they took my father away from me, I can’t stop crying. He was my everything… what am I going to do? I’m a daddy’s girl.”

Ms Carter, who lives in New Jersey, later hit out at the people talking about her father without even knowing him.

She said: “He was not a gangster he was just as real as they come.”

Friends of Mr. Rawlins described him as kind, giving and ambitious father figure who was known for his “talks and hugs”.

Messages such as “gonna miss your smile,” “you know you always in my heart,” “love you baby,” “it hurts me to the soul,” and  “we will always miss you” could be seen on the social networking website.

Esther K. Harvey contacted the Bermuda Sun to say: “He was a family man about his kids, sisters, brothers, parents and enjoyed motor sports.”

Another friend, Crystal Nusum, said Mr. Rawlins was “caring and special”.

She said: “He always had a way with words. It sometimes came across as sarcasm but we always knew when he was serious and when it was time to stop laughing.

“He will always be remembered by how powerful his presence was, respected by most and a leader of the pack.”

However, some people suggested Mr. Rawlins was one of the main players in the drugs and gang scene and “had always been a target”.

One person wrote: “They tried and tried, now they finally got him” while someone else wrote “now that he’s gone, it’s all going to kick off”.

Other users of Facebook discussed the overall issue of gun crime with an overwhelming message that Bermuda needs to “put down the guns”.

Comments include: “Wow this is crazy, guys please stop it”, “nothing is worth taking each other’s lives”, “young people today have no value for life”, and “why must our babies grow up without fathers?”

One person wrote: “whatever happened to the good old days when people would just fight it out?” while another simply said: “Bermuda is supposed to be a place of paradise... right! It may never be safe again!”

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