WEDNESDAY, MAR. 23: The Minister of the Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy, the Hon. Walter H. Roban, JP, MP confirmed this evening that the Government and Tucker’s Point Club have been working continuously since Friday’s Senate session to consider the concerns expressed by Senators.

In an effort to find the common ground many expressed a desire to see achieved, Tucker’s Point Club has reconsidered its development plans and presented proposals to Government that they believe will address their need to enhance the tourism product at Tucker’s Point Club while also addressing the concerns expressed by Senators.

The Government has studied the proposals and believes they provide a significant opportunity for this matter to proceed in the Senate.  To this end, the Government and Tucker’s Point Club representatives briefed the Independent Senators and the Opposition Senate Leader on the proposals earlier this afternoon (Wednesday, 23 March 2011).

James Masters, Executive Director at Tucker’s Point Club, and Georgina Simpson, Counsel, represented the Tucker’s Point Club.  Minister Roban, in his capacity as the Acting Minister of Business Development and Tourism, led the Government team.  Premier, the Hon. Paula A. Cox, JP, MP also participated in the meeting.  Technical officers from the Departments of Planning, Conservation Services and Tourism were in attendance for the Government.

Following the ongoing consultations, a decision will be taken with regard to resuming debate of the Tucker’s Point Resort Residential Development (St. George’s and Hamilton Parishes) Special Development Order 2011 in an amended form.