Hey Day: The Four Bees perform at the Bermudiana Hotel in 1964. Pictured from left, Kenneth and Kathy Bean, Moira Furbert Bean and Graham Bean. *Photo courtesy of Music on the Rock
Hey Day: The Four Bees perform at the Bermudiana Hotel in 1964. Pictured from left, Kenneth and Kathy Bean, Moira Furbert Bean and Graham Bean. *Photo courtesy of Music on the Rock
FRIDAY, JUNE 3: Kenny and Kathy Bean can rattle off stories of a thriving entertainment scene in Bermuda in the 1960s.

A time when entertainers performed two and three shows a night, six days a week. An era when Bermuda was anything but boring.

The couple, who have been married for 50 years, were inducted into the Music Hall of Fame last night. They shared stories with the Bermuda Sun about their long and illustrious careers.

Mr and Mrs Bean both sang, danced and performed in a group called The Four Bees with Mr Bean’s brother Graham and his sister-in-law Moira.

The family band first began performing together in the 1960s.

Mrs Bean, who worked for MediaHouse at the Bermuda Sun and bermuda.com for 14 years as a sales executive, said: “We feel very honoured and it’s very humbling to actually be inducted — especially while we’re still alive.”

The couple have performed at the Fairmont Southampton, Sonesta Beach Hotel, Grotto Bay and overseas.

Politician Dale Butler has played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Music Hall of Fame.


“We did have a long run of it, it was very successful,” Mrs Bean said.

“We were always kept very busy. We used to go down to the Caribbean for the winter.”

Mr Bean said: “But we had to return before March 23 for the college weeks

“They were pretty terrific. There were thousands of students all over the island.

“They would have shows all day and all night for them.”

Mrs Bean said those times were very “eventful and fun”.

The couple performed together for about six years before Mr Bean went to work into various areas of the hospitality industry.

Mrs Bean stayed until 1990.

Asked about the entertainment scene in Bermuda today, Mr Bean said: “Well, there is nowhere for them to perform so they can’t really develop themselves.”

Mrs Bean added: “It’s really sad that there are no venues for them.

“I used to open at the Marriott Hotel, I worked there for four years.

“That’s when I began to see a serious decline in entertainment.

“Unfortunately it became an economic situation where the hotels feeling that musicians were more important because they would play all night.

“Featured entertainers would play for 45 minutes so they made the bands the entertainment.

“That started the decline in the industry.”

Mrs Bean continued: “We would get together on our own and we would put out songs together but as time went on, musicians wanted to be paid to rehearse.

She said that also contributed to the decline in entertainment.

“A lot of the hotels felt that it wasn’t necessary really necessary.

“A lot of them started using piped in music and DJs were being hired and it gave, they thought, the cliental more of a variety.”

“We couldn’t get solid work even though we worked steadily in Bermuda for years, we really weren’t making the same kind of money that our counterparts were making abroad.”

Mrs Bean said many entertainers were forced to get a second or third job to pay bills.

“The needs are different today, entertainment needs and people.

“That kind of activity might not go over well today.

“I would say that most people are used to instant entertainment gratification.

“How do we complete with all the sensationalism that exists?”

She continued: “If you are putting on a concert, you have to have backup singer, dancers.

“Unfortunately, Bermuda can not afford to have shows presented in that way.

“It was a very interesting time.”