THURSDAY, AUGUST 5: Glenn A. Blakeney JP, MP today endorsed The Hon. Paula A. Cox to become the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party Leader and Premier of Bermuda in succeeding the Hon. Ewart F. Brown subsequent to the end of his tenure in October 2010.

Mr. Blakeney, who currently serves in Cabinet as the Minister of The Environment & Sports, touts the Deputy Leader and Finance Minister as the natural successor to Premier Brown, insisting that she is the best choice particularly in light of her stellar track record of public service, unwavering commitment to the Party’s ideals, as well as her political pedigree, experience and expertise.

He states, “Minister Cox has served Bermuda exceptionally well and has lead by example. She has been a steady, stabilizing political force who is widely respected among all segments of the community. Minister Cox will galvanize the Party and indeed the country, because she evokes a unique level of comfort and confidence predicated upon work ethic, integrity and the general trust that she will always put Bermuda first.”

Mr. Blakeney cites her incredible commitment and her success in ensuring Bermuda’s continued good standing as a leading international business centre and global financial services domicile, while simultaneously enabling Bermudian entrepreneurship through the strategic initiatives of the Bermuda Small Business Development Corporation and the North Hamilton Economic Empowerment Zone.

Mr. Blakeney believes there is any number of elected PLP members capable of leading, however, in consideration of who would be best among equals, he states: “Paula Cox will move the country forward together in a spirit of cooperation and purpose, because she is results driven with a “grass roots” understanding of the challenges facing Bermuda and equal commitment to help improve the standard of life for every Bermudian. I find Paula to be a sensitive and caring individual who has Bermuda’s best interest at heart. Her strength of character, political integrity and vision for Bermuda will bode well for the country’s immediate future and indeed its continued long term success.”