All eyes have been on Facebook this week as every move of fugitive Alvone Maybury has unfolded in the public eye.

Old and young alike have been logging on to the social networking website to get their daily fix of the 2010 version of Prison Break.

Thanks to technology, we’ve learned whether Maybury — dubbed the Facebook Fugitive — was watching MTV, playing on his Play Station 3 or hoping for sex.

The suspected shooter has been brazen enough to regularly provide updates while on the run.

Even if you have never met Maybury, it probably now feels like you are old friends as he has chosen to share every cough and spit of his life with us.

It’s like an episode of a soap opera with Maybury no doubt loving his starring role as the lead character. Never before has every detail of an escapee’s life been so well documented — with the glaring exception, of course, of his whereabouts.

The story has been picked up by the international media and the rest of the world is also now tuned in.

At first everyone seemed to have something to say about how Mr. Maybury managed to escape and islanders wanted to point the blame at the authorities.

Comments included: “You couldn’t make this up,” “It’s funny, yet sad,” “As a Bermudian, I am truly embarrassed” “This whole situation is unreal” and “Where else would this happen?”

There’s even been a suggestion that Mr. Maybury should make a rap album when he gets back to Westgate — the tracks could

include Catch Me If You Can, You Got Boots I Got Sneakers and Up Up And Away.

Yet another wag suggested that Maybury should send a Facebook friend request to Corrections Commissioner Edward Lamb.

The island’s Facebook users have certainly been vocal on this topic but what they aren’t quite so sure about is what side to take.

Maybury has surprisingly received an overwhelming amount of support from people who seem to believe he is doing the right thing by being on the run. People have

offered him words of encouragement and he seems to have become quite a hero in some people’s eyes.

But there’s another segment of the population who believe Maybury’s escape has identified that our troubled youth need proper intervention early on in life.

One person wrote: “This is a national inditement on the system’s poor performance to protect the young.”

There are also those who are telling Maybury to stop posting messages and to give himself up.

As the Facebook chat continues, the next question on everyone’s lips is, ‘Does Maybury Tweet as well?’