Khalil Mamut, one of the four Guantanamo Bay detainees, hand-wrote this poignant letter to Bermuda’s residents and Government thanking them for welcoming them to the island last year.  

In the name of Allah, on behalf of my brothers and I, we would like to thank Premier Dr. Ewart Brown, the Bermuda Government and the people of Bermuda.

You opened your homes and hearts to us and we are humbled by your hospitality.

We grew up in a ­different land and ­culture but you ­embraced us with your humanity and kindness and made us feel at home. We are thankful for the opportunity you gave us for a new beginning.

We are looking forward to your continual support in order for us to adapt and integrate more to your culture.

We are very blessed to be embraced by people in the community — Muslims, Christians and others.

Peace be with you all.

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