Tara Burrows admitted hitting her sister with a pot during an argument in their home. *iStock photo
Tara Burrows admitted hitting her sister with a pot during an argument in their home. *iStock photo

THURSDAY, JUNE 28: A woman who beat her sister with a pot and a stick during an altercation in their home was today given a conditional discharge.

Tara Nicole Burrows, 40, pleaded guilty to assaulting her sister Kimberley Burrows, threatening to kill her and violently resisting arrest on May 28.

The court heard at 6:40pm, the complainant and defendant were both at the home they share on Benny’s Bay Road, Sandy’s.

A heated argument began between the sisters.

Crown counsel Larissa Burgess told the court the defendant then “struck” her sister in the face and on her body with a pot and a stick.

The victim managed to get out of the house, but Tara Burrows chased after her and hit her with the pot again.

She then said: “I will kill you” and continued to beat her sister with the pot and stick.

The court heard neighbours heard the noise and separated the sisters.

Police were then called to the scene and tried to calm Tara Burrows down.

But she picked up a plate and threw it to the ground.

She was arrested for assault and threatening words and then tried to bite the officers.

Tara Burrows was then arrested for violently resisting arrest.

Police officers eventually handcuffed her, put her in the car and took her to the Somerset Police Station.

Kimberley Burrows went to hospital after the altercation and suffered bruises on her face and nose and lacerations and bruises to both arms.

Addressing the court, Tara Burrows said: “My son kept on going in the fridge taking cookies out of the fridge.

“She kept asking where the cookies were.

“I was trying to fix supper and then it escalated.

“We are still living together and getting along perfectly.

“We are looking into counselling.”

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner said: “I hope that this shows you you can’t behave this way even in your own kitchen.

“You can not assault your sister.

“You have shown remorse and you say you all are living together and getting counselling.”

Mr Warner gave Tara Burrows a conditional discharge for six month with the condition that she continue any counselling that is in place.