WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13: Two people were ordered to pay restitution today after they admitted causing $8,000 worth of damage to a car.

Kori Hinds, 27, and Lashunde Edwards, 20, pleaded guilty to unlawfully damaging Diego McCallan’s car on May 23 in St George’s. The total damage was $7,895.

The court heard Mr McCallan attended Club Minaj in St George’s at 12:25am that morning with a friend. He saw Edwards, his ex-girlfriend, and had a brief conversation with her.

At 3am, the complainant was leaving the club and saw Edwards and Hinds together.

Crown counsel Carrington Mahoney told the court Edwards was sitting on the ground in a “drunken state”.

Hinds then asked Mr McCallan for a ride to Wellington and he agreed.

Mr Mahoney said: “The complainant heard Edwards ask Hinds what he was doing.

“Hinds said he was going home and asked if she was going with him.

“The complainant then said he wasn’t taking Edwards in his car.”

Mr Mahoney told the court an argument began between Mr McCallan and Edwards. Hinds also got involved in the argument.

Security personnel intervened to assist Mr McCallan.

Mr Mahoney continued: “He was about to get in his car when Edwards used her foot to kick the car several times.

“Hinds joined in kicking the car several times and there were multiple dents on the car.”

The court heard the dents were on the front of the car, front and back doors, and trunk.

Both defendants were arrested at a later date.

Addressing the court, Hinds said: “I apologize.

“I acted out of character and I was wrong.”

Edwards declined to comment.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo gave both defendants a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered them to pay 50 per cent each of restitution to the court for the damages.