Amid the political mud-slinging this week, many Bermudians were left scratching their heads about where the truth lay. 

Premier Craig Cannonier and Opposition Leader Marc Bean’s versions of events contrast so sharply that only one can be telling the truth.

Nicola Muirhead went out to ask what the people think.

Tanaya Christopher, Credit Recovery

‘I believe them both actually... And in listening to him (Marc Bean) speak in a public forum, I’m pretty sure he pulls no punches in a private forum. But I don’t think it would be damaging to the country, I think it was a private conversation, it’s not a matter that should have been recorded and should be brought up for public opinion. I think it’s quite sad what’s happening.

Lisa Lewis, Speciality Cinema

‘It’s only just recently that I’ve heard a lot of articles that Marc Bean has come out with his response. As far as I know Craig Cannonnier is trying to do the best he can, as far as who to trust, it’s like the Republicans against the Democrats, so it’s hard to know who to trust. I think Marc Bean is trying to dish up dirt that has already been there, but he’s trying to open up old wounds, and it’s not really good.

Shirlyn Burgess, Housekeeper 

‘I’m not sure, but I am leaning towards trusting Marc Bean.’ 

Edwin Mortimer, Self -Employed

‘I can’t say I trust anyone anymore, because I don’t know the full facts. I think it is cowardice to only discuss things in the House of Assembly when they are in fact factual... especially if there is defamation of character... I think we are all fed-up with this bickering that is going on in the House.  They have to get up with the Island’s business and get moving, because Bermuda is in dire straights.

Anthony Gorham, Retired 

‘I think they both have some good points, but they both need to concentrate on something else other than what’s been going on in these last few days.   They should both be concentrating on how we should fix Bermuda.

Vaughn Fleming, Construction worker

‘I trust Marc Bean, because he looks out for the people.’