Mark Simons
Mark Simons
The weekend shooting death of 30-year-old Kumi Harford is the latest in a string of violent crimes involving guns. Helen Jardine and Kageaki Smith took to the streets to ask islanders what can be done about it.

Mark Simons

Insurance broker

'It starts with family values at home. I'm 44, I've lived here all my life, I'm college educated and I come from a family with strong values. Also, there are only two ways guns enter Bermuda - by sea or by air. The authorities should have addressed this many years ago, and you have to read between the lines why they are not being stopped.'

Ryan Fox-Romaine

Snr. network administrator

'The police know there are only two ways guns are getting in here - by air and by sea. So they need to step up their policing in those areas. If they scanned the boats efficiently, and looked for suspicious activity they would find most of it happening by sea. If they do that they will cut down on the number of gun crimes on the island.'

George Hammond


'We need harsher sentences - people just get away scot-free. Police should be much stricter... there is not enough police presence to deal with serious crime. The mayor of New York has done a lot to clean up crime, at that is a much more complex community than Bermuda. Surely we should be able to control crime on such a small island.'

Jamila Mallory

Dental assistant

'It starts at home and it's about the choices the kids make when they grow up and leave home. They need to learn that they don't have to follow the crowd. A lot of kids have so many issues at home and when they try and integrate into the world they can't survive. They don't know what to do.'

Sarah Minks

Client Service Assistant

'I don't know what we should do - other than find the source. The guns have got to be coming from an outside source. It's going to be hard - no one is going to tell the police, 'I got the gun from this person'. My guess is that they are coming in by water as there is so much security with airplane travel.'

Sean Pitcher

Sales director

'I don't know if an amnesty is quite the way to go. What we need to do is look at other jurisdictions, see what has worked well overseas, and implement something similar here.'