Has Premier Craig Cannonier lived up to Bermuda’s expectations during his leadership so far? Carla Zuill asked residents the question.

Malcolm Raynor

Product manager, 52

“I am happy with him as Premier because in the lead-up to the election, the OBA promised that they had tasks to complete, and he is ticking the boxes one by one under a very difficult economy.”


Dr Sandy DeSilva

Psychologist, 36

“In general I am happy with him as Premier, however I think he has had a rough start and given our economic circumstances I think that it is very tough to shine in this situation.”


Jerome Robinson

Transport coordinator, 62

“I think when the OBA came into Government there were a lot of challenges. I think given time he will do a great job.”  


Mahlah Saunders

Dry wall technician, 19

“I am not too happy with how the country is being run. I feel that there were a lot of false promises and lies that were told to the people and something has to change.”


Malae Berkeley Minors

Student, 17

“I feel that he is doing okay but there are a lot of things that need to be dealt with such as the education system; it is unorganized and not professional to me.”


Stephen Paul

Customs clearance clerk, 51

“I am not completely happy ...In its last platform the OBA made promises about creating more jobs and I don’t see too much of that happening but I could be wrong.”

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