Tyler Kerr, 16, ended up in hospital after being attacked as he rode along Middle Road in Devonshire.<em> *Photo supplied</em><br />
Tyler Kerr, 16, ended up in hospital after being attacked as he rode along Middle Road in Devonshire. *Photo supplied

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20: A teenager was sent to the hospital on Thursday night after two men with a knife tried to rob him while he was travelling on an auxiliary cycle.

Tyler Kerr, 16, was riding along Middle Road, Devonshire, near Brighton Hill Road shortly before 11pm when the two unknown males, riding a motorcycle, attacked him.

Mr Kerr said he was heading home on Middle Road with two friends. Mr Kerr was the trailing behind them when he saw another bike rapidly approaching them. At the time, he thought it was another set of friends trying to catch up with him as the bike was similar.

He said: “About Brighton Hill, right at the bottom where you turn up is when they caught up to me.

“I looked over, and it was only when they were right next to me did I realise it wasn’t my friend but it was two big men wearing all black with visors down. “The guy riding reached over and tried to grab my keys of my bike. I punched his hand away but the bike had already been turned off.

“He tried to take the keys with enough force that my ignition key got bent.

“I noticed he had a knife in his right hand and at this time the guy on the back reaches over, and grabs me by my neck and helmet strap and pulled me off of the bike.

“I’m hanging off the bike but I elbowed him in the throat and he dropped me and now I am hanging off the side of the bike, going around the corner.

“A lady in a car was coming in the opposite direction and saw all of this.

“I then looked up and got kicked off of the bike, into the air, and into the other lane into the wall.

“I jumped up and ran to the lady in the car who avoided running me over although I was about one foot away from her bumper.”

Mr Kerr said the two men on the bike turned around “and was coming back but must have seen me shouting and fled.

“My friends then realised I wasn’t with them and turned around and came back to see the bike in the road and me freaking out.”

He was later taken to King Edward Memorial VII Hospital where he was treated for road rash and had his arm put in a sling.

Police are interested in talking to anyone who may have seen the two men around the time of the incident last Thursday night. The men are described as:

  • wearing dark-coloured clothing and jackets
  • dark-coloured helmets with tinted visors
  • travelling along Middle Road, Devonshire
  • on a dark-coloured motorcycle

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Detective Constable Tiffany Caisey on 295-0011.