TUESDAY, OCT. 2: Today, Neville Tyrrell, PLP Candidate for Constituency #11, Devonshire East, criticized Bob Richards for attacking the EEZ. Mr. Tyrrell noted that on 3 June 2011, on the floor of the House of Assembly, Mr. Richards called EEZ small business grants "a huge moral hazard" and said, "The whole idea of grants, to me, is unacceptable. It needs to be removed."

"Our small Bermudian owned businesses need our support," noted Mr. Tyrrell. "For Bob Richards to attack the EEZ like that shows where his priorities are. Dozens of businesses in St. George's, NE Hamilton and Somerset benefit from the programme. It's really helped a lot of Bermudian owned businesses that employ Bermudians." "For Bob Richards to say that the whole idea of grants is unacceptable and needs to be removed is telling. It's no wonder that the OBA has outlined no new ideas and no new solutions. The more Bermudians learn about what their ideas might be, the less they will like the radical change the OBA is offering."