Pay hike: The airport dump site. Truckers are upset at new charges. *File photo
Pay hike: The airport dump site. Truckers are upset at new charges. *File photo

New tipping charges announced by Government this week have sparked an angry response from truckers.

Environmental groups also fear the new rates, which mean islanders are charged per tonne rather than per load, could prompt an increase in illegal tipping.

Richard Foggo, head of the Bermudian General Truckers Association, said that his members were ‘fuming’.

He added: “I have received a lot of calls from truckers who are angry about this move.

“As a result we will be holding a meeting in the coming days to discuss the matter and see what options are open to us.

“And whatever action we need to take, we will take.” The new charges will come into effect on July 1, 2014.

At the Marsh Folly Composting Facility, the cost for tipping unprocessed horticultural waste will be $80 per tonne, and $20 per tonne for processed or chipped horticultural waste.

At the Airport Waste Management Facility, disposal of inert material such as construction waste, white goods and metals will cost $30 per tonne.

Currently both sites charge a flat fee per load. The charge at Marsh Folly is $25, while the airport is $20 per load.

Chairman of the Bermuda Environment Sustainability Taskforce, Stuart Hayward, told the Sun: “When tipping fees are raised, it’s often followed by a wave of increase in illegal dumping.

“In anticipation, it would be prudent to beef up detection and enforcement for a period until the resistance and reaction settles down.

“Paying by weight is sometimes fairer than by volume, sometimes not.

“Weight is easier to measure more accurately so it’s a more convenient gauge to have heavier loads be charged more. In an ideal world all waste generators would be charged for the combined weight/volume of waste they produce.” On May 1, Marsh Folly began issuing itemized invoices, which include load-weights in tonnes.

However, companies will continue to be billed at the fixed fee of $25 per load until July 1.

A statement released by Government this week added: ”The period between May 1 and July 1 should serve as a transition period for truckers, allowing them to calculate weight-to-load size in order to bill customers for their portion of a truck-load.

“Paying by weight (as opposed to paying by load) is a more fair and equitable billing system.”