Imagine Bermuda has put forward a 'guide' for families who may find the Christmas season challenging.

Imagine Bermuda is a community-run group that advocates learning from the past to help strategize for a better future through discussion groups and inspired events.

"In light of the circumstances facing our community during this festive season, we offer some pointers that may be of assistance for use by families for the general welfare of adults and especially children," the organization said in a statement to the press.

"These have been compiled in consultation with some leaders in the faith community as well as mental health professionals. Be aware that it is normal in times of stress to experience different emotions; anger, self-doubt, guilt, blame and similar feelings."

Here are some of the things Imagine Bermuda hopes people will bear in mind over the holiday season:

* Take time for relaxation and personal 'quiet time' each day of the season. Ask those around you to help make this time happen;

* There will be circumstances that may spark some anger in us; if/when this happens, count to 12 before making any response. During those 12 seconds consider our options for a constructive response to the circumstance;

* Release our expectations for what 'should be' - only do what is practical;

* Remember our best gift to friends and family is our love. Children spell love T-I-M-E;

* Try hosting a 'family meeting' at some point, when young ones can raise any concerns;

* Watch or listen to one news report (per week) together, then take out time for any concerns raised. Be aware that too much exposure to the news can cause further trauma;

* Ensure that children get outside for some time during the day in some playful physical activity;

* Look for some games that the whole family can enjoy some time over the festive period;

* Remember to look out for isolated family members or neighbours during this time.

Imagine Bermuda says: "In times of crisis or if you are concerned that your feelings are not normal, contact services such as the Child and Adolescent help line which is available from 8:45am-5pm on 239-6344 or outside those times on 236-3770."